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Happy birthday, Android. Now playing: Watch this: The Top 5 best Android features ever. More on Android's 10th anniversary Android turns Google's fierce iPhone rival had a stumbling start I owned the first Android phone in an iPhone world -- and it was amazing Google's first Android phone rivaled the iPhone like BlackBerry, Nokia never could. All the different Android versions through the years 15 Photos. Toggle between camera and video modes; integrated photo gallery and camera with bulk photo deleting SDK expands support for gestures, voice-to-text 1.

Adaptive dictionary that includes contact names in suggestions 2. Batch and automatic updates; installing apps to the SD card Adobe Flash Security policies, global address lookup, calendar sync, remote wipe Bluetooth support for voice dialing and contact sharing 2. T-Mobile G1: The first Android phone never looked so good 49 Photos. Next Article: Galaxy Fold dominates Samsung Unpacked.

Android 2.0 posted for download, ported to T-Mobile’s G1

Universal search box search had been limited to the Web Revamped Android Market: Toggle between camera and video modes; integrated photo gallery and camera with bulk photo deleting SDK expands support for gestures, voice-to-text. Multiple user accounts Exchange support; universal email inbox Quick Contact pop-up widget to launch communications with friends in the address book Search saved SMS and MMS messages Camera improvements include support for flash and digital zoom Bluetooth 2.

Adaptive dictionary that includes contact names in suggestions. Live wallpaper; five home screens Speech-to-text added to any text field; microphone icon for voice dictation in emails, texts, and so on. Security policies, global address lookup, calendar sync, remote wipe Bluetooth support for voice dialing and contact sharing. May February Support for peripherals like keyboards and game pads Resizable widgets "Pay as you go" support for 3G, 4G tablets Various bug fixes and enhancements.

Faster, smoother performance with "Project Butter" Expandable notifications with greater interaction Voice search access by swiping up from bottom of the screen Voice actions engine replies to some queries Google Now Offline dictation Default Chrome browser Resizable app widgets Android Beam support for transferring larger files, like photo and video New filmstrip view of recent shots in the camera app Applications update in Google Play with just the changed code Sound search widget for music ID Higher-resolution contact photos Greater accessibility options Expanded language support, especially for Arabic and Hebrew Interface tweaks.

RichieDaze OP Apr 7: Suggested Apps. Navigation Gestures Customizable gesture control for any Android device. XDA Labs Labs is an independent app store that gives developers full control over their work. Substratum The ultimate, most complete theming solution for Android. XDA Feed The best way to get cutting edge news about your device! Thanks Meter: Froyo 2. OP Senior Member. New York City. Join Date: Jan My Devices: Thanks to Firerat -Download from the Please read first link or from my mirror link.

Jul I'll give it a shot Senior Member. Sep Apr I'm downloading this now and will try to provide a quick review. Oct Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 , Nexus 6. Then put a custom ROM on there you can find one here , rename it to update. Hold down Home and End and when the! Let me know if this works. I did try that. And you do not just hold it. You have to take out the battery to turn off the phone, then put the battery back in, but DONT turn on the phone.

Now, hold Home and End at the same time till the! When you take out the battery and put it back in and try to turn on the phone by holding the home and end key, what happens? Reading as much as possible of these threads before posting will give you lots of insight as well!!

They will send you a new one. Just a quick question about root. I just hard restart my g1 to the factory warranty. Do I need to wait for cupcake 1. When you root you actually downgrade to RC29 old school Android so there is no reason to wait for cupcake to just undo it. I cannot connect to Telnet. I have tried different things before doing the telnet steps, restarted my phone several times. And I know Im not typing it wrong….

Are you on a Wifi Network? Try connecting to a Wifi Network first then do the steps again and let me know if that fixed it. Never mind that. What did I do wrong? Just open Telnet and see if it will let you connect to the local host. Also make sure that all the files are on the topmost folder of the SD card not in any subfolders.

What could be the issue? How are you trying to format it? On the G1? Cause then you just need to put the memory card into the phone and goto Settings then SD and Phone Storage, click UnMount and then click Format and you should be done. Goto the Root procedure and follow that then come back to the Hero procedure.

If you are stuck on a screen read the FAQ under the rooting post and it explains a method for getting out of being stuck. So if you open the memory card on the computer put the file there not inside any folders on the memory card.

Android posted for download, ported to T-Mobile's G1 - dejalavusi.gq

The path to the file should be E: If you are still having issues, head over to the XDA-Developers. Then look for the Informative Threads section and you can find a new download link in there. Try to download it from there and try again. Do NOT do the update. HELP please! Do not reboot the phone. After you put the update. Turn on the phone holding down the End and Home button until the Recovery screen comes up. Then hit Alt W and then Alt S.

No signature E: You copy the whole update. I think the build is now CRC1? There is nothing in this update that prevents downgrading to RC29 which allows the rooting process. Good luck. Hey, I was trying to root my g1 and now I am stuck on the Telnet step. Are you stuck on the G1 screen, rainbow screen etc? Redownload the recovery. What I did wrong? Im guessing the last update prevents you from rooting, iv tried downgrading with none modded etc iv tried all ways i can find on the web, itll load up the rainbow screen say no update then itll go back to rainbow screen, any suggestions?

I know a lot of people are having this problem when i search the web. That is a common issue, read the FAQ under the post for some help. No, you should be fine. Just root. If you still have the newest radio at that point then do NOT reload it, if you do not have that Radio then go ahead and update it. Hey David I just got the g1, I downloaded all the files and put it into the sd card root folder. Hi Unlockr You have excellent tutorials on your blog, but could be possible to include how to install debian linux in a G1. Have had read the instructions in this site, http: Hey, ive been folowing this guide and other guides for all of last night and today but when i try to type su in terminal emulator i get premision denied please help!!!

Just the RC29 file… but you unzip it by downloading it to your computer, then right clicking on it and clicking Extract to… then you take the one file you need out of the new folder it unzips to. You need a program like WinZip or WinRar on your computer. I just want to be able to get jf 1.

Hi, thanks for putting up this video tutorial, really helpfull, but when i get to the last part its says cat recovery. Im tring to change the theme for my phone but when i put the home and power button it wont load up it will be stuck with the image of the phone and a exclamation mark what does it mean? Hi, i followed the steps. Jermaine, you need to make sure that the sd card is formatted for fat Not recommended, we need about mbs for the ext 2 partiton and 32mbs for the linux-swap partition. That would not leave you very much room for any music, videos, etc.

I get usage error if I use that spacing. The syntax is exact in that procedure worked for plenty of people. You may have another issue, try googing the exact error you got and see if anyone else had the issue. I love this site!!!.. Will my contacts be affected by rooting? Whats a good theme?

Android 9.0 Pie

And how do I check what spl I have. Just sync your contacts with Google it should do that automatically and then when you sign in again when done, you will be all set. There are a lot of good themes, we have some in our Downloads section but there are a lot more on forum. Im put in the files and restarted it by holding the camera and on button but it just stays on the rainbow screen. Helo david my name is carmelo I have seen ur video at least 8 time. I have done every time as u say almost every thing it seems to look fine but when I do the last step were I have to turn of my g1 and the hold home and end I press alt l and alts.

How To: Gain Root Access on the T-Mobile G1 (OBSOLETE)

This is what I get every singal time I try it can you please help me I think this is the only thing that is keeping me from rooting my g1 Pls help. You need to make sure the file is named correctly update. Also check the reported issues below the post. Posted by David Cogen. Saturday, May 30th, First Name. Related Posts. Razer Blade 15 Complete Walkthrough: RTX Graphics. Montblanc Summit 2 Complete Walkthrough: Gaming Phone Beast.

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David Cogen. Sorry but new to this…….. Thanks a million david! I am using CYanogen 3.

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Hey Rishi, What are you trying to do? Load the Hero ROM?

Noori G. HELP what do i do? Hello Noori, Make sure you did these steps first 3. Unzip the RC29 file.