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Thus the training data is the data used to train a system to make decisions. Classifies data based on the training set and the values in a classifying attribute and uses it in classifying new data. Predicts unknown or missing values Data mining process can be considered as knowledge transformation from a fine grained space to a coarse grained space[11]. It defines the most essential data mining entities in a 3 layered ontological structure comprising of specification, implementation, and an application layer.

It provides a representation al framework for the mining of structured data. It is considered that AI evolved to become machine learning because AI heuristics and statistical analysis are blended in machine learning. Machine learning is a technology that allows computers to understand and study the data they work on and make decisions based on what they have learned from those data. This is done by using statistics and adding AI heuristics to it.

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The examples include standard variance, regression analysis, cluster analysis, discriminate analysis, confidence intervals, standard deviation and distribution. All these help to analyze data patterns and their relations. This ability largely benefits data mining as it requires machines it make decisions without prompting. Data mining therefore is a combination of old and modern day statistics, Artificial intelligence and machine learning. These methods are combined to find patterns both hidden and within a large collection of data. Image mining deals with the extraction of implicit knowledge, image data relationship, or other patterns not explicitly stored in the image database.

Image mining is more than just an extension of data mining to image domain.

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  • It is an Interdisciplinary endeavor that draws upon expertise in computer vision, image processing, image retrieval, data mining, machine learning, database, and artificial intelligence. Classification is finding models that analyze and classify a data item into several predefined classes. Sequencing is similar to the association rule.

    The relationship exists over a period of time such as repeat visit to supermarket. Regression is mapping a data item to a real-valued prediction variable. Clustering is identifying a finite set of categories or clusters to describe the data. Dependency Modeling Association Rule Learning is finding a model which describes significant dependencies between variables.

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    Deviation Detection Anomaly Detection is discovering the most significant changes in the data. Summarization is finding a compact description for a subset of data. Some of the applications of data mining are listed below. Insurance and health care: This provides an ample opportunity to leverage numerous sources of time series data. Insurance frauds are also detected using data mining [19].

    A Systematic Literature Review of Data Mining Applications in Healthcare

    A bot is autonomous software capable of performing its own functions, botnets are used in cybercrime as they are very powerful and can do denial of service, phishing, spamming and eavesdropping. Data mining and pattern detection of network traffic helps to prevent botnets from breaching security. Electronic commerce involves the use of information and communication technologies through internet platform.

    Data mining and web data mining techniques are used in the electronic commerce to understand customer patterns. Based on this pattern we can predict if a person is susceptible to an issue of the same type. The following are the issues in data mining. So security [8] is an issue in data mining.

    The profiling, pattern making and matching of various people and other sources will lead to a breach in the privacy of data on people, even it is susceptible to illegal accesses. Data mining poses a threat to usage of private and confidential information without control. The ability to see data clearly is entirely dependent on the tool used to present the data. A good visualization allows proper and accurate interpretation of data. However even though there are good visualization techniques available further research is necessary for avoiding problems like screen real estate and thus allow the user to focus on the data and refine the mining tasks and also to view the data from all available perspectives.

    The examples include diversity of data, versatility of methods, domain dimensions, knowledge assessment, use of domain knowledge, controlling errors in data etc. The best way to resolve this issue is to have a different approach of data mining based on the data being dealt with.

    The size of the data is ever increasing and the demand for scalability and efficiency is also growing. The normal algorithm used in data mining is linear algorithms rather than exponential algorithms. Parallel programming is another issue in data mining.

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