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Open the Photos app, tap the three-line menu button in the top left corner of the screen, then tap Free up device storage. The Photos app will let you know how many pictures it can delete from local storage; tap OK to pull the trigger. You can manually pick which purchased or uploaded Google Play songs and albums get downloaded, or you can let the app make those decisions for you. Either way, music lovers may end up with a significant amount of their device storage gobbled up by their favorite artists.

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Downloaded tunes and podcasts in the Play Music app can gobble up an impressive amount of storage. If you subscribe to more than a few podcasts, those episodes—and the space required to store them on your handset—can add up quickly. To wipe a song download or a podcast from local storage, tap the orange Downloaded button to the right of its name. Bonus tip: Downloading a map in the latest version of the Google Maps app is a great way to navigate when your device is offline, especially now that both searching and driving directions are supported.

Indeed, a single offline map can consume more than a gigabyte of storage depending on the size of the area. The storage used by each offline map is displayed below its name.

Offline Maps - Download

Tap the map and tap Delete to reclaim its storage space. I love the fact that I can download and install Android apps to my devices remotely from a desktop web browser. The downside? My Android handsets tend to be overstuffed with too many apps, many of them used only once or even never.

How to install/load ANY OS on Blackberry 10 device (Classic/Z30/Q10/Z10/Q5/LEAP/Passport/Z3)

The solution, of course, is to delete some of those apps—ideally, the ones you use the least. Next, tap the Sort button near the top-right corner of the screen, then pick an option, such as Size or—better yet— Last Used.

Available Now from YouVersion: Offline Versions on the Bible App for BlackBerry

If you sort your apps according to Last Used , scroll to the very bottom of the list to see which apps you use the least. See a seldom-used app you could do without? Tap it, then tap Uninstall. Head over to the Setting app and tap the Storage tab. But in Oreo, you have more control over your files.

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Always available from the Softonic servers. Alternative Microsoft Silverlight download from external server availability not guaranteed. As long as Silverlight is downloaded from an official download channel, such as the Microsoft website or through a Windows update, it should be perfectly safe. Due to the nature of the app, failing to keep it properly up to date could make it unsafe, so always install new updates.

10 quick ways to clear space on an overstuffed Android device

Microsoft announced the end of the Silverlight application in , ceasing development the following year. Patches and bug fixes will continue to be released as late as , after which the application will be completely unsupported, and should no longer be used. The app is already unsupported in some browsers, including Edge. On a Windows machine, the easiest way to tell if Silverlight is installed on your system is to simply type it into the search bar. If it appears as an app not a web search result , then it is installed on your system. For internet browsers, check your installed plugins.

Google Chrome is not presently compatible with Microsoft Silverlight. From Chrome 45 onward, the app is completely unsupported. With Microsoft discontinuing development on the framework, it is unlikely support for it will be re-introduced to Google Chrome.

1. Clear out all cached app data

The Microsoft Silverlight browser plugin is freely available for any supported platform. That being said, most up to date Internet browsers do not support the plugin, as it is now a deprecated framework that Microsoft ceased development on in It is still available to download for free from Microsoft's website.