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Subway Surfers is full of colorful landscapes, smooth controls, and plenty of free-running fun. Its social-savvy gaming makes it all the more enjoyable.

Subway Surfers Review

There's definitely a reason it sits near the top of everyone's list of favorite Android games. This game will draw many comparisons to running favorite Temple Run. It compares quite favorably, with more lighthearted gameplay, better animation, and smoother controls. The game responds instantly to your swipes and taps.

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The difficulty level is a little lower than its competition, though. Once you've racked up plenty of points, you can share your top score on Facebook simply by logging in. The game's graphics are a real treat for the eyes. They're fun to look at, but they don't try to rip-off console quality. Instead, there's something uniquely mobile about Subway Surfers. The game offers all sorts of unlockable goodies, but they're not too difficult to achieve.

You can unlock more of them through exclusive deals, but the game's in-game currency is usually more than enough. New characters and boards cost a pretty penny, though. That's really the only annoying part of this game. The rest is basic, addictive fun. Though running games are a dime a dozen on Android, this one truly is one of the best. If you've had enough of dramatic runners like Temple Run, download Subway Surfers for some lighthearted good times.

DASH as fast as you can! DODGE the oncoming trains! Grind trains with your cool crew! Colorful and vivid HD graphics! Hoverboard Surfing! Paint powered jetpack! Lightning fast swipe acrobatics! Challenge and help your friends! Join the most daring chase! A Universal App with HD optimized graphics. By Kiloo and Sybo. Until a dark theme or dark mode arrives, you can use a mobile browser that has one built in. Login or create an account to post a review. The posting of advertisements, profanity, or personal attacks is prohibited. Click here to review our site terms of use.

If you believe this comment is offensive or violates the CNET's Site Terms of Use , you can report it below this will not automatically remove the comment. Once reported, our staff will be notified and the comment will be reviewed. Celebrate Halloween with the Subway Surfers in New Orleans Run through misty forests, abandoned castles and haunted graveyards Explore the spooktacular tracks with the new vampire girl, Scarlett Unlock the scary Vampire Outfit for Eddy, the brilliant magician Search for shiny bats high and low to win cool Weekly Hunt prizes.

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Be the first to know about the hottest apps with Download's Android Apps newsletter. You take control of a hoverboarding skater punk and run down the railroad tracks, evading the fat deputy nipping at your heels every step of the way. It may sound like one of those lame attempts to pander to kids in the '90s, but it works surprisingly well and isn't anywhere close to obnoxious as it could have been. It helps that the visuals are incredibly bright, cartoony and creative; the characters and scenery honestly wouldn't look too out of place in a Pixar film.

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  • Subway Surfers;
  • At the same time, they bring to mind many classic platformers like Sonic Adventure and Psychonauts, which further gives them a more timeless quality. The music itself harkens back to those kinds of games as well. A catchy and upbeat tune accompanies your subway-surfing endeavors.

    The description of Subway Surfers

    While you won't be listening to it on your iPod anytime soon, chances are good that you'll be bobbing your head to it long after you've put the game away. While we're on the audio front, one thing to be especially thankful for is that the developers were wise enough to keep the player characters mostly voiceless. If you're worried about potentially annoying voices breaking your concentration with embarrassing '90s catchphrases, don't be.

    Once you get past the wonderful visuals, things should start to look familiar. Subway Surfers plays like most other endless runners out there; you run endlessly through a hazardous track, avoid obstacles, collect coins, pick up speed, and unleash power-ups to get yourself out of a jam. Every action you can do, like strafing side to side and jumping, is performed by swiping your finger on the screen in the corresponding direction.

    Controls are very responsive; the skaters practically move along with your finger, helping this game feel especially slick. The most notable of these is the way that it handles hazards. While most runners make use of things like pits, traps and overhangs, the one thing you really need to watch out for in Subway Surfers are oncoming trains. Trains can be avoided by simply getting out of their way, but it's far more interesting to hop on top of them.

    Trains add a fun dynamic to the action as they allow for more vertical gameplay. You can jump or strafe from one train and onto another, grab coins and other goodies that are perched on them, and so on. Power-ups are as fun to activate in this game as they are in others.

    Download Subway Surfers - Best Software & Apps

    You've got the usual suspects, like the magnet that draws more coins to you, the jetpack that blasts you forward above all the hazards, and the head start that propels you a good distance right at the beginning. However, Subway Surfers' most interesting item would be its iconic hoverboard. Breaking this baby out gives you all sorts of perks. You move faster, you jump higher, and best of all, you get a greater degree of control over your movements.

    You can stay aloft in the air for longer than you could on foot, but you can also just as easily end the jump prematurely and bring your character back down to the ground with a downward swipe. This allows for all sorts of crazy stunts, particularly if you want to get every last coin out there. You'll have to leap into the air to get some loose airborne change, then rocket back down within a second to get the stuff on the earth. It's very hectic and a load of fun to pull off.

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    • If there's one thing that Subway Surfers is lacking that other similar games have, it's tilt controls. Many endless running players have seen their greatest runs end messily due to an unresponsive accelerometer or an accidental shake of the device. If you're one of them, then you might have a chance to rejoice. However, it comes with a price. Subway Surfers unfolds entirely across a straight line. There are no turns to make or corners to avoid. That itself has its pros and cons.

      Get On a Hoverboard and Ride Atop the Trains Forever!

      On the plus side, it means that you don't need to worry about blind corners anymore; you'll be able to see everything that can kill you head on. Things are a lot more fair and there's much less guesswork and trial-and-error to consider. However, it also means that there are no surprises either. Turning a corner in Temple Run can be a tense affair; you just never know what kind of deadly trap could be waiting for you. This kind of suspense will likely be missed by a lot of players. It's especially exacerbated by the feeling that the path isn't really getting more dangerous the further on you go.

      Things don't go faster, new traps don't get added, and trains don't become more common. Running for 20 miles straight isn't going to feel like an accomplishment in Subway Surfers; it's just going to take a while. Overall, Subway Surfers' greatest strength could also be its greatest weakness. On one hand, it's more forgiving and fair to the player.